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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  June 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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the district. and without cost you more to park. now cost yout iwill more to park. sam sweeney with how much it will cost you. more than 14,000 parking meters and machines like this around the city being programmed today to take more of your money. starting today, one hour of parking will cost about the same as a small cup of coffee at starbucks, $2.30 an hour, that is more than 200% increase in some neighborhoods. it is a bargain compared to some garages like this, which will cost you $12 an hour. inse increases will bring between $3 million and $3.5 million each year. we caught up with drivers to see how it feels to dig deeper and never pockets for parking. >> is that
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that is too much. the meter is always broken. there is never enough spots. sam: over the coming year, the city predicts it will take in more than $90 million in parking fees alone. that is a lot of quarters. back inside you. away are three days from when the metro safe track program begins. there will be 13 straight days of continuous single tracking from boston on the orange and silver lines. orange linenal train is doing the morning and evening rush hour. the project will be followed by 16hange shutdown base -- by shutdown bays. we have a list of how the changes will imp
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that information out. right now, we want to get a check on the roadways this noon. jamie: not so much going on. we are not seeing any major accidents. no major delays. taking a look at the third street tunnel, every day i feel like we see this slowly and that is because of the midday roadwork. northbound, 21 miles per hour before you get to new york avenue. outbound on new york avenue, pretty good shape continuing closer to route 50. no issues on the bottom side of the beltway. pretty much clear to the woodrow wilson bridge through alexandria. when you get into prince george's county, no issues. continuing north, still in pretty good shape. 66 outbound to fairfax. same thing on the dulles toll road. no issues this afternoon getting to dulles. same thing in down on the gw parkway closer to reagan.
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issues. jummy: thank you. we want to pass along a quick note. george washington middle school in alexandria closing early today because of cooling issues. grasses out at 1:15 this afternoon and afterschool activities have been canceled. we want to stay outside right now. we are feeling the heat and humidity today. a look at our forecast on the first day of summer. >> first day of meteorological summer and the first day of hurricane season. some fairweather cloudiness with the heat and humidity. they could be a few ball isolated showers and maybe even a roy blunt thunder, but a beautiful day. any outdoor plans, especially the lunch hour, looking good. still have the circulation related to last weekend. this frontal zone hanging down there also. our next big
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cold front where showers and storms will increase noticeably. tonight, the seattle sounders in town. temperatures in the upper 70's. broadcast live on news channel 8 tonight. just a couple showers and thunderstorms in the area. winds will start coming in off the atlantic. we will write up a bit. -- we will brighten up a bit. overnight, another muggy night and had. -- ahead. jummy: thank you. now to an update on last month's fire at a silver diner. more charges in connection with it. he rammed his vehicle into the restaurant causing a huge fire. you remember this video. on may 18, one of the
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74-year-old andrew shearin, died from injuries sustained in that crash. also developing now, police want you to be on the lookout for a suspicious truck seen lurking around arlington. children have been approached by the vehicle at least four times. now we hear from a young girl who may have been an intended target. john gonzalez as a store you will only here on 7. john: it is all over here in arlington county. many parents talking about this suspicious blue truck. very disturbing. 4 instances, but all very similar. the first here. this young girl telling police this man was behind the wheel following her as she walked down the sidewalk. arlington county police saying these incidents are all connected. they believe this man is driving a blue pickup
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tools. in the first incident back on april 7, the man spoke to the children, a brother and sister, as they walked. police say the he tried to entice them. we spoke with these very brave smart children. >> we ran away. >> my sister came running to me telling me a guy came and started asking her where we live and stuff like that. >> i have people that walk to school, they wear headphones every day. it is absolutely a concern. >> he had a beard, a little on top, and a mustache. girl that nine-year-old said she recognized the same man, the blue truck roaming the neighborhood days before he approached them. three of the four incidents have been in the afternoon when children are walking home from school. arlington county police advising parents to make sure their children are always working with somebody.
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noon, policeis investigating a shooting right now. this happened two hours ago on brentland road -- brentwood road. a man was shot outside a liquor store and taken to a hospital. a car was shot at on 14th street and jerome street. that investigation is ongoing. a break in an overnight shooting in overland heights. police telling our cruise they found a man dead inside. he was shot. police don't have a lot to go on. there is no suspect information and they have not released the victim's identity. to some national news right now. a criminal investigation underway after an ohio's he was forced to shoot one of its guerrillas -- ohio zoo was forced to shoot one of its gorillas. now this he was making changes to make sure that
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this doesn't happen again. >> they have now opened a google investigation into the parents of the three-year-old regarding the actions that led up to the incident and asking anyone who may have recorded the ordeal to contact police. officials have not yet confirmed the identity of the letter. sonhear her comforting her while he was in the enclosure. boymbe grabbing the and dragging him to the other side of the cage. after 10 minutes, the zoo's emergency response team making the decision to shoot and kill the 17-year-old gorilla. officials argue a trait allies are dark would have made -- a tranquilizer dart would have made a difference. new details about past incidents at the zoo. 6 reported safety violations since 1990.
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safety measures. >> the physical barriers at the cincinnati zero are not adequate people out of enclosures. >> zoo officials say they are working to prevent this from happening again. our cameras capturing the crews making changes to the barriers at the gorilla exhibit. one of the most renowned primate specialist in the world is speaking out. jane goodall herself sending an e-mail to the cincinnati zoo noting that her and looked as if the guerrilla was putting an arm around the child. she sympathizes with the zoo director defending something he may well disapprove of. jummy: we want to know what you think about all of this. right now, we have this poll going on at the bottom of your screen. law on to should parents face charges in the death of the g
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29% say no. let us know what you think. we are following new information on the search for the black boxes from the crashed egyptair flight 804. a friendship has picked up signals in the mediterranean sea. more sutras now joining in on the recovery efforts this week. the airplane crashed last month, killing all 66 people on board. coming up on abc 7 news at noon, new confirms about the zika virus. defectsst case of birth here in the u.s. -- three womeno caught a man trying to ruby's oofie his date. the weather keeps getting worse in texas. >> it is so fast. i can't believe it. ammy: a lot
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-- continues. doug t
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jummy: doctors say a baby with the zika virus linked birth the fact has been born in -- def ects has been born in new jersey. unfortunately, doctors say the baby was born with a condition where the child's brain and head are partially developed. a baby in hawaii was born with it earlier this year. meanwhile, the detroit tigers
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tcher says he contracted the zika virus in the off-season in honduras. had symptoms for two weeks. bloodwork later confirming it was in fact the zika virus. now to a story that is trending. a man accused of attempting to drug his date at a california restaurant pleaded not guilty in court. 24-year-old michael hsu faces two counts of trying to roofie his date's drink. after the incident, they posted a meme that went viral on social media. >> i was relieved. >> completely filled with abletude that we were no to help another woman out. jummy: see something, say something. their story hopefully
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inspires other the samaritans. the suspect could face years behind bars. now to the race in the white house -- for the white house. hillary clinton could secure enough delegates before california votes or even counted. . dealing with even more controversy. this time, three lawsuits from trump university. gainyees were supposed to prospective students by guiding them through a roller coaster of emotions, if you will. >> why antagonize? i don't care. i have a judge who is very unfair. you will see it in court documents. jummy: the newly released documents revealed selected unidentified students based on their liquid assets. texas bracing for even more problems. widespread flash flooding already has communities underwater. more rainfall is on the way.
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>> more rain in texas could make a bad situation worse for neighborhoods still submerged by several feet of water. the national weather service continuing to keep much of the state under a flash flood watch, including dallas-fort worth wear sleeves are flooded and some had to be rescued. >> very scary watching the water rise so past. it came up so fast. i could not believe it. >> being brought to higher ground by rat or boat. overloading rain causing it to crest at 54 feet. >> it has never gotten is not before. >> in san antonio, will water rushed the famed riverwalk.
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for now. >> this river is going to stay high throughout the rest of this week and into the weekend. this is going to be a while. >> more heavy rain expected in central and west texas and oklahoma with the potential for more severe flooding. jummy: before we get to our local weather, i hear somebody has a 16th anniversary. i wonder who that is. doug: i came in the same day, june 1, 2000. i appreciate it. we will start off the first day of the national hurricane center list of names for tropical storms considering it is the first day of the hurricane season. jummy: maybe i will be in 2017. doug: we already had alex, the rare wintertime store.
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is colin. colin is a name. colon is a body part or punctuation mark. pattern that you have to start thinking tropical patterning little bit with the heat and humidity. temperatures climbing. 30 year average of storms. serviceonal weather provided this. the 12 named storms, six become hurricanes and three become major hurricanes. this season, they are expecting 10 to 14 named storms, 4 to eight hurricanes and wondeone to four major hurricanes. starting to billow up some clouds. there is a possibility this afternoon of a couple isolated showers or thundershowers could pop.
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all in the high range. weeds in the low range is wednesday. mid 80's in many areas already. that will be our range today, 85 or 86 in most areas. showers and storms off the coastal carolina from bonnie. we aret big event looking for his physical friend to increase our chances of showers and thunderstorms by friday. by 5:30 p.m. this evening, a flow of moisture off of the atlantic. most shower storm activity to the south, but our area will be isolated. through the day tomorrow, and the same kind of deal especially west of the metro. the front comes in town and hooks up with the warm air. showers and storms get up to a 60% probability. looks like saturday will be gorgeous. slightly lower humidity.
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sunday and could linger into early monday morning. cooler and less humid air. jummy: i like that. lower humidity. thank you, doug. coming up, a possible change in how much salt is in our food. plus, how a grandfather was able to take the wrong kid home from school and how the school is trying to prevent it from happening again.
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a south carolina elementary school changing its policies after they allowed a grandfather to take the wrong child home. the 65 are old man went to pick up his grandson from school last month. when he got home, the grandmother realized they have the wrong kid.
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school and found the actual grandson. students must now over to identify the person picking them up and the name, must be checked against the student's pickup list. alth 7 on your side he alert now. pressuring the food industry to make foods list salty. -- less salty. the secretary of health and human services says changes could save hundreds of thousands of lives and billions of dollars on health care costs over the next decade. by the way, is national cpr week. we want to give you a chance on how to learn to save lives. to do cprnt over how at this morning in the academy. if you find someone unresponsive, firmly to their chest to the song "staying alive."
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doug is back with when we could see rain this
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jummy: so another great day out there. doug: it is nice. here is a look at the forecast today and the next couple days. 85 today. 80 tomorrow. isolated shower or thunderstorm today, thursday, and friday. better chances, especially by sunday. possibly hav heavy thunderstorms. jummy: thanks for joining us. have a great
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>> drama, emotion, excitement, and maybe, just maybe, confetti shot from a cannon-- it's time to play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] good, because we're in the middle of a phenomenal game. there is a lot more than $1 million at stake for our returning contestant. she works full-time at a trivia company and says her pride and her job are on the line. from staten island, new york, please welcome back jamie rosler. [cheers and applause] hey, jamie, welcome back. >> lovely to see you again. >> lovely to see you again.


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